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Denise has twenty-five years of global experience successfully working with large and small businesses and individuals to accomplish their goals and objectives.


After graduating from college, formally trained in business management and management information systems, Denise worked in high-tech in California for Xerox Corporation and Micom Systems before relocating to New York City and moving into the exciting world of Management Consulting.


Denise spent several years travelling around the world working with Fortune 1000 companies on their strategic, financial and operational goals. Denise's consulting projects ranged from due diligence on mergers and acquisitions, streamlining manufacturing operations, best practices, benchmarking, re-engineering and systems implementations in numerous industries.


While working as a Senior Manager in Deloitte's Management Consulting New York, Denise was recruited to Bristol-Myers Squibb's corporate headquarters in New York and headed world-wide software development and the introduction of enterprise Cloud business applications around the globe. 


Denise was once again recruited to a new position, as Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the largest privately-held pharmaceutical company, Boehringer-Ingelheim, with $5 billion in sales. In addition to serving on the Management Board, Denise introduced the concepts of ROI, zero-based budgeting, internal consulting and leveraging Web-based applications for consumers and physicians around the world.


Denise left the corporate environment to start her own private consulting practice. She continues to retain clients from her first year in private practice.





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