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DLA Business Consulting LLC assists businesses and individuals with their strategic, operational, financial, organizational and project management needs.


We work closely with each firm's principals and employees to learn about their goals, objectives and internal operating practices and systems. Through this process we are able to identify key findings, make recommendations for improvement, develop innovative solutions, and assist with implementation.


We have extensive experience assisting clients in accomplishing their goals and objectives, including reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, re-engineering inefficient processes, managing and tracking expenses, obtaining business licenses and permitting, identifying and implementing new systems. 


DLA Business Consulting LLC is able to assist you and your organization in a variety of ways:


  • Strategy & Organization

  • Financial Management

  • Operations Management

  • Process & Systems

  • Project Administration/Management

  • Supply Chain

  • Hiring & Team Building

  • Benchmarking/Best Practices Assessments

  • Complimentary one-hour initial consultation


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