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Costs out of Control?

Do you know how much you spend on various categories? Do you have a budget? Are you comfortable with understanding your investment options and financial positions -- 401K, IRA, individual stock investing, mutual fund investing, bonds, your mortgage? 

For an individual, not feeling knowledgeable or comfortable with one's financial position can lead to a sense of being out of control, of being afraid of the future. It is important to have a working knowledge of the various aspects that make up your finances.

For a company, there are many categories of costs, some tangible and some intangible -- raw materials, manufacturing and distribution, inventory carrying costs, opportunity costs, employees, contractors, benefits, sales & marketing, customer support.


Frequently, when companies are faced with a financial shortfall, the costs of employing people are one of the first targets -- only because it is the one most easily identifiable and understood. However, in many cases, the bigger opportunities are in raw materials, inventory and quality. 

Contact us to gain more control over your costs.

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